Book your personalized yoga experience today!

Our personalized yoga experience is a half day retreat created specifically for you! Choose from four concepts, and select custom tailored practices, workshops & add-on services for your retreat: Release / Unwind / Inspire / Empower! We'll schedule a one hour discovery session to discuss your goals and desires, and select workshops, classes and private appointments for your retreat!

During your discovery session, you'll select a workshop, class &  add-on services to create a one of a kind experience to explore the deeper layers of your yoga practice!

Workshops may include: Restorative Yoga, Yoga Sculpt, Myofascial Release or Spiritual Healing with private classes created to compliment your selected workshop so that you can dive deeper into your yoga and wellness practice.

Classes may include: Vinyasa Yoga, Fitness Focused Yoga Flows, Restorative Yoga or Fascia + Flow.

Add on private appointments (select two):

Thai Yoga Bodywork


Sound Healing

Holistic Health Coaching

Health & Wellness Coaching

Crystal Healing Consultation

Reiki Energy Healing

Tarot Reading