Our Teachers


Tiffany Pridgen E-RYT 200

I started practicing yoga about 9 years ago, and immediately fell in  love with the physical & mental challenge. I found myself practicing  daily and slowly transforming my life and becoming a calmer and more  peaceful person. In 2014, I completed my first RYT-200 training and have  since completed an additional 250 hours of formal training, most  recently with Bryan Kest through Santa Monica Power Yoga. I am humbled  and inspired by my students & our Pro Power Trainees, which I am  fortunate enough to be the lead trainer and owner of the RYS. The  lifelong pursuit of knowledge is what drives me to continuously improve  in my practice, teaching and daily life. I have a wonderful husband,  John and we share our home with 2 beautiful rescue dogs, Blue &  Lady. We also have a sassy parrot named Miss Iris. Lastly, but certainly  not least, I work full-time as a gastrointestinal physiology researcher  & also compete as a national champion equestrienne having won 3  National Championships with my best friend, Lady (who is now retired).  In October of 2016, my new horse, Muffin, and I finished in the Top 5 at  the National Championship Horse Show!


Erin Brown RYT-200

I first practiced yoga about 3 years ago. I started practicing regularly at a very stressful time in my life.  I have always been active and enjoy training and working out.  Nothing was as inclusive and functional as yoga has been for me.   It has been a balancing force in my life, making me a calmer, happier person.  After practicing and seeing first hand the benefits of yoga, I got my RYT-200 and have been teaching since January of 2017.  I also received my teaching certification in Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga in April of 2017.  I am also certified in prenatal yoga.  I am reminded daily of all the benefits of a continuous yoga practice and am excited to get to share it with my students.  Outside of the studio, I share my time with my wonderful husband, two lovely children and dog. I love to metalsmith, can, quilt and generally be creative.  

Our Teachers

Lynn Miedema, RYT-200


I was first introduced to yoga 10 years ago and did it occasionally  or in bursts of interest that changed with life’s varied transitions.  When I began a more regular practice, I fully realized the physical,  mental, emotional and spiritual benefits yoga provides. The more  consistent my practice…the better I feel! Committing to a daily yoga  practice lead me to pursue yoga teacher training—I completed my RYT-200  training summer 2017. I am so grateful for all my teachers along the  way, the teachings, the yoga community and the opportunity to share this  ancient practice with others. Off my yoga mat I’m sharing life with my  husband Seth, our son Luke, our daughter Langdon and two goofy yellow  labs. A native of Raleigh, I’ve now called Clayton home for nearly 20  years.  

Lisa Toft, RYT-200


Yoga is the Journey of the Self, Through the Self, To the Self”~ Bhagavad Gita. I am on this journey! My journey started back in 2004 where I found the physical challenges of practicing yoga interesting and fun as they reminded me of gymnastics. Since 2004 I have been on and off with yoga as it could fit into my private and professional life. Along the journey I found Mindfulness interesting and have been exploring this in several workshops and at home. Learning the concept of mindfulness suddenly made me realize what yoga also is and the benefits of this. For me yoga is a “win win” as I am exercising both my mind and body for a better well being. In my yoga teaching I intend to invite to mindfulness and awareness to exercise both body and mind. I have completed my RYT- 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training here in the US, a very valuable step in my yoga journey with great experience in; physical yoga alignment, the philosophy of yoga and the well being benefits of yoga. I am humble and curious to continue my yoga journey teaching, learning and enjoying. I am from Denmark and have been living in Clayton since August 2016 with by husband and two children and our cat. We love to take day or weekend trips to the mountains or the sea. My professional path is within the Tourism and Hospitality industry where I primarily have been working within sales and marketing and also I have had the great opportunity to teach international students as an Assistant Professor at Zealand Institute of Business and Technology in Denmark. 

Melissa Ratkovich, RYT-200


Melissa is a yoga instructor, cyclist, and fitness enthusiast.  She loves and appreciates the dichotomy of yoga:  the stark contrast between strength and power compared to grace and surrender.  Melissa yearned to add balance to her cardio driven workouts.  Yoga would provide the mental clarity, as well as the fluidity her body needed.  She soon found herself immersed in a 200 hour yoga teacher training program.  Melissa  holds certifications with Yoga Alliance, including Kids Yoga and  specialty experience in Senior Yoga and chair-based yoga. 
When  she isn’t teaching, Melissa can be found climbing rock walls, snow  skiing, paddle boarding.....and most importantly, spoiling her 3lb.  chihuahua, STELLA. 
Melissa welcomes you to share her practice of Bending, Breathing, and Believing.  She will lead you through fundamentals, dynamic movement, and mindful breathing. 
Come to explore. Leave with clarity.  NAMASTE 

Kenrda Loboda RYT-200


I have been practicing yoga on and off for about 5 years, then in the Fall of 2017 took the plunge and did my instructor training through Holy Yoga, a Christian faith based yoga school. I quickly followed that with additional training to complete my  Masters program with Holy Yoga  (RYI-500).  I love the mindfulness that yoga inspires, which transfers over to my daily life in surprising ways, making me a much calmer, self-aware person. Yoga has changed how I live my life: from how I stand to how I sleep, and from how I connect with God to how I connect with people.  My favorite part of teaching yoga is sharing some of the alignment intricacies of poses that have changed my own practice. I live in Clayton with my husband, Tom, and our two adorable and hilarious pups.

Kristen Boggs


My name is Kristen Boggs. I live in Clayton, North Carolina with my two  sons and my husband. I'm glad to be joining the Glow Yoga family and  bringing Buti Yoga to our community. 
I first started  practicing yoga in the early 2000's and my practice consisted mostly of a  home practice. Two and a half years ago I was introduced to Buti Yoga  and my world changed immediately. I became certified as a Buti Yoga  Instructor in August of 2017. Through Buti Yoga, I found more body  confidence, more freedom to move and express myself and a better sense  of who I am. Also through Buti Yoga, I found female friends minus the  judgement and competion. In my classroom,  you will never find  competition or catty behavior, only Soulful camaraderie.Through Buti Yoga, we draw on Primal energy and movement to nurture our bodies and thrive.  Buti  is unwavering in its commitment to demanding support and connection  among students. I want to empower our community to form these  connections and support each other in our pursuit of health and  happiness. Join our Clayton Buti Tribe today and let's sweat with  intention. 

I am currently working toward my RYT-200 at Glow Yoga.