Chakra Meditation + Sound Healing


Every part of the human body has its own rhythm and optimal frequency or vibration. When everything is in “tune” and our mind, body, and spirit are in harmony, we experience our greatest health, wellness, and human potential. When our rhythm falls out of sync, disease, discomfort, stress, and resistance can manifest- both physically and emotionally. Sound healing with crystal singing bowls is a non-invasive way to help restore balance. The sound resonates with each and every cell in our body and all of our organs, releasing blockages bringing us back into alignment and harmony. The human brain has several different brainwave states: Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta. The Beta state is the most stressful and uncomfortable state to experience. This is where stress, nervousness, irritability, and anger exist. Alpha is our calm, relaxed, and alert state of mind. Insight, intuition, and spiritual awareness exist in the Theta state. Finally, Delta is where our minds and bodies renew and heal. It is the state in which we experience deep sleep. Sound healing transitions the mind from Beta/Alpha to a more meditative, calmer, and more peaceful state to promote healing and balance. 

Regular Class Pricing / Included with membership!

September 6th at 6pm

Restorative & Yin Advanced Teacher Training


Glow Yoga's Restorative & Yin Yoga Advanced Teacher Training is designed to give you all the tools & knowledge you need to confidently & scientifically lead your students through restorative & yin yoga. You will leave the training with an intricate and detailed understanding of peer-reviewed research that supports the science behind restorative & yin yoga. You will understand and be able to communicate with your students the importance of each practice, what sets them apart from each other and their similarities on a physiological levels & you will have a thorough understanding of the subtle and not so subtle differences between Restorative Yoga & Yin Yoga. This training places a heavy emphasis on the Neurobiology of yoga, anatomy & adaptive teaching methods to support your students intelligently as well as intelligent and thoughtful sequencing for leading and creating your own classes in a private and group class setting. Client intake will also be covered for a private class setting.  

25 Hours Yoga Alliance accredited certification & Continuing Education 

Tuition $300

Application Fee $24