South Bath Meditation (Crystal Bowls & Chimes) with Meghan Read


Every part of the human body has its own rhythm and optimal frequency or vibration. When everything is in “tune” and our mind, body, and spirit are in harmony, we experience our greatest health, wellness, and human potential. When our rhythm falls out of sync, disease, discomfort, stress, and resistance can manifest- both physically and emotionally. Sound healing with crystal singing bowls is a non-invasive way to help restore balance. The sound resonates with each and every cell in our body and all of our organs, releasing blockages bringing us back into alignment and harmony. The human brain has several different brainwave states: Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta. The Beta state is the most stressful and uncomfortable state to experience. This is where stress, nervousness, irritability, and anger exist. Alpha is our calm, relaxed, and alert state of mind. Insight, intuition, and spiritual awareness exist in the Theta state. Finally, Delta is where our minds and bodies renew and heal. It is the state in which we experience deep sleep. Sound healing transitions the mind from Beta/Alpha to a more meditative, calmer, and more peaceful state to promote healing and balance. 

Regular Class Pricing / Included with membership!

August 4th at 10am

Reiki + Restorative Yoga with Tiffany and Meghan


Relax & Renew your body, mind & spirit in this special 75min Reiki Restorative Yoga class. During this class, you will hold traditional restorative yoga poses and receive Reiki Healing which is performed by Meghan. Restorative Yoga facilitates deep relaxation and relieves stress by allowing the body's physiological relaxation response to calm your central nervous system. We utilize a lot of props in order to fully support the body in the poses so you can truly relax. To deepen your experience of healing and relaxation, Reiki Energy Healing is incorporated into this class. Reiki is an ancient form of universal energetic healing that encourages a state of balance, harmony, and self-healing. Reiki enables you to access your innate healing energies so that you are able to heal and achieve a deeper state of relaxation and healing on your own. Like restorative yoga, Reiki works on all levels of physical, emotional and spiritual elements, to help reduce stress, anxiety and other ailments. Combining both Restorative Yoga and Reiki allows you to find stillness through a transformational experience from the inside out. You'll leave feeling restored, refreshed, and renewed!

Regular Class Pricing / Included with membership!

August 11th at 6:45pm

SUP Yoga & Sunset SUP + Yin Yoga w/ Meditation at Lake Wheeler


Enjoy the ancient practice of Yoga combined with Stand Up Paddle Boarding! These classes take your favorite yoga routines and put them on the water! Both yoga & stand up paddle boarding are great for building balance, coordination, endurance, and strength. This fun class begins with a short lesson on paddle basics followed by floating yoga, then open paddle before returning to shore. Students will enjoy paddling to a quiet spot on the lake, anchoring their board and beginning their floating yoga session with Pranayama (breath). Every class is uniquely different with stretch, spinal balance, and a variety of yoga poses ending with Savasana (resting pose). Modifications will be shared to accomodate All Levels from beginners to advanced! Bring a friend to share this amazing experience combining yoga with nature!!

Two amazing experiences to choose from in August!!

3pm - SUP Yoga 

6pm - Sunset SUP + Yin Yoga with Guided Meditation

$34 (Includes Equipment & Fees) / $20 (Bring Your Own Equipment/Fees)

August 18 at 3pm & 6pm