Jenni Tarma is a RYT 500, a Yoga Medicine Registered Therapeutic Specialist, and a lifelong athlete.
Led by senior Yoga Medicine® teacher Jenni Tarma

4 Part Workshop

After decades of working with clients and training thousands of teachers, Yoga Medicine’s Founder, Tiffany Cruikshank, has distilled the core components of a therapeutic practice into a 4-part workshop. The Yoga Medicine® Essentials Workshop will dive into the nuances of topics that are hard to fit into group classes, but are crucial for all yoga practitioners and teachers to understand in order to optimize the way we move. Each workshop will outline the structure and function of a key anatomical area and the network of fascia that supports and coordinates functional movement in this region. You will leave with an arsenal of information to instantly incorporate into your dynamic practice and teaching.

We are excited to have senior Yoga Medicine teacher, Jenni Tarma in the studio to lead this incredible workshop! 

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Tentative Curriculum:

Part I — Shoulder lecture and practice — 3 hours
Part II — Hip lecture and practice — 3 hours
Part III — Spine lecture and practice — 3 hours
Part IV — Myofascial Release lecture and practice — 3 hours

After attending the full workshop series, each participant will be invited to take a brief online quiz to receive a certificate of completion from Yoga Medicine. If the participant is enrolled in the Yoga Medicine® 500hr program, this workshop will contribute up to 12 hours towards the 500hr Yoga Medicine certification!


Candlelight Restorative + Sound Healing

Sunday Evenings at 6:30pm

Unwind and release tension through restorative yoga postures in a relaxing candlelit environment on Sunday evenings in November. This class is designed to restore your mind & mind. We'll move through a series of  gentle and supported restorative yoga poses held for longer periods of time, which facilitate your body's Parasympathetic Nervous System aka your Rest & Digest response. The room will be illuminated by the soft lighting of Himalayan salt candle holders.

The Himalayan salt candles have many health benefits including:
-Cleansing and purifying the air
-Enhances mood
-Balances electromagnetic radiation
-Aids with concentration and mental clarity
-Alleviate respiratory symptoms such as asthma and allergies

Receive all the benefits of Sound Healing during your final savasana/resting pose as you listen to the gentle sounds of the Crystal Singing Bowls. Each week, we'll explore Sound Healing related to specific chakras working from the Root Chakra to the Crown Chakra using bowls tuned to frequencies that resonate with each chakra energetically. You'll leave with a sense of tranquility & peace! All Levels Welcome - especially beginners!!

Some benefits of practicing restorative yoga include:
-A sense of overall well-being
-Improved digestion
-Aids with healthy sleep habits
-Mental clarity & calmness
-Reduced stress & anxiety

More about Sound Healing:
Sound Healing facilitates shifts in our brainwave state by providing a stable frequency which the brain can attune to. By using rhythm and frequency, we can entrain our brainwaves and it then becomes possible to down-shift our normal beta state (normal waking consciousness) to alpha (relaxed consciousness), and even reach theta (meditative state) to find deep relaxation. The Crystal Singing Bowls correspond to the 7 Major Chakras, which are energy centers within the body. When our chakras are aligned, we feel balanced and healthy.

Sound Healing & Restorative Yoga are both passive and participatory experiences. The passive aspect is that you become more relaxed by supporting your body with props in yoga postures and slowing your breath. It is in this place of stillness that you are able to become more open and aware.  

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Upcoming Workshops & Special Classes

Yoga For Recovery

Yoga can provide a means for coping with stress through movement, breathing and awareness.

Individuals in addiction recovery face a myriad of challenges including mental health, social & family adjustments following their re-entrance to their communities after structured addiction recovery programs. Yoga provides a safe means for building community which is vital to success in recovery and prevention of relapse, self-awareness and improved overall physical and mental health. Research indicates that yoga can be viable adjunct treatment to modulate environmental factors that contribute to stress and risk for relapse. Yoga can provide a means for coping with stress through movement, breathing and awareness. These aspects of yoga have the ability to activate the relaxation response and provide a means for coping on and off the mat. Concepts emphasized such as mindfulness and observation without judgement can be applied to life and recovery outside of class. It can also address environmental factors by providing a new and supportive community where acceptance and personal growth are valued!Addiction is frequently referred to as a disease of the mind, body and spirit. All of these elements of a person’s being are effected and the connection between them can become skewed or severed completely. Since the goal of yoga is to “yoke” or connect the mind, body, spirit, and breath, it lends itself as a potential means to address these elements and restore their connection. 

 Class is FREE & open to friends & family who are integral to recovery!

Prenatal Myofascial Release Workshop

Supporting fascial health during pregnancy provides a myriad of benefits such as aiding with sciatic

Prenatal yoga is accepted as a helpful adjunct to most women’s journey from conception and throughout pregnancy. But what about the myofascial release techniques gaining popularity in yoga classes and at the gym? Myofascial release (MFR) is a therapeutic technique performed by the individual on themselves that targets the body's fascia – an intricate network of connective tissues that envelope, insulate, hydrate and communicate with our tissues throughout the entire body. Our fascial network is a continuous, interconnected network of connective tissues such as collagen, extracellular matrix proteins, ligaments and tendons that are responsible for providing protection & stability to the body as a whole. Supporting these natural features of fascia during pregnancy provides a myriad of benefits such as aiding with sciatic & low back pain, fluid retention, decreased circulation, restricted mobility, discomfort from muscular tension, and much more! 

This workshop will include:
-A lecture on MFR & its applications to pregnancy

-A printed guide to support your home practice that outlines the general information & techniques included in the workshop

-A guided practice so you can explore MFR in your own body

-Semi-private instruction (space will be limited) 

-A MFR release kit from RAD Roller ($41 retail value)

Space is Limited! $48/person