Class Descriptions


All Levels Flow

This 45- or 60-minute yoga class is suitable for all levels. The yoga postures are designed to flow together harmoniously with the intention of connecting breath to movement in a vinyasa (yoga flow). This class explores the foundations of a vinyasa (or flow) practice, with a strong focus on connection between breath and body through mindful movement. Poses include sun salutations, standing postures, balancing postures and floor postures thoughtfully sequenced in a movement based practice.

Power Flow

A fun and challenging class suitable for all levels. Power Flow is a 60-minute yoga class that focuses on building strong, lean muscles with improved flexibility and mobility. This class incorporates the strength and fire of the sun salutations blended with the mindful practice of standing, balancing, seated, and floor poses with creative transitions linking breath with movement. Expect a fiery practice that will leave your body strong and your mind relaxed.

Slow Flow

This 60 minute slower paced flow yoga class is suitable for all levels. In this class, we focus on proper alignment and mindful movement through transitions and with longer holds in certain postures. This class is designed for those who prefer a slower paced class while still moving through a vinyasa (flow) yoga practice.

Sculpt + Flow (with Optional Weights)

Sculpt + Flow is a 60 minute power flow class that incorporates optional  small weights for an added challenge! In this class we will focus on  building strength and stability in traditional yoga poses with the added  intensity of weights. The sequence may incorporate squats, lunges,  bicep curls, tricep extensions, rows and other strength building  exercises for a fun, challenging and well-balanced fitness based yoga  class! All-Levels welcome!!

Specitalty Classes



Buti Yoga is a dynamic power yoga practice rooted in Kundalini yoga and  fused with plyometrics, tribal dance and deep core engagement. This  calorie-scorching workout blends cardio-intensive tribal dance &  body sculpting primal movements into a yoga flow. Buti yoga was created  by celebrity trainer Bizzie Gold, and it utilizes her Spiral Structure  Technique to sculpt and tone the deep abdominal muscles that stabilize  and strengthen the body. Instead of linear movements, Buti yoga focuses  on movements that challenge the body along all planes of motion,  resulting in long, lean muscles. This class is suitable for all levels!  Come ready to flow to upbeat music and have fun!

Teacher's Choice Fun Flow

Our Friday evening 60-minute flow class according to the teacher’s choice! This fun class may include themed playlists and/or sequences, silent flows, candlelight practice, a new class format or any other creative take on one of our regularly scheduled classes. Come ready to have fun and kick off your weekend in the best way!


This meditation is the perfect time to step out of the craziness of daily life and relax your mind.  Worry and tension can have adverse physical effects, but are rooted in the mind.  This class will guide you through relaxation techniques to calm the mind and relax the body.  Each 45 minute class will end with quiet reflection.  

Recoup and Restore

This 75-minute slow-paced R & R yoga class will focus on restorative and yin yoga poses and deep stretches to soothe your muscles, increase flexibility and mobility to create balance in your body. Think of this class as active recovery to supplement your lifestyle and other activities. Recoup and restore your body, mind and spirit to reset for the week ahead.

Slow Deep Stretch

Slow Deep Stretch is a 75 minute class that utilizes long holds, deep  stretches, and slow, thoughtful movements to stretch & release all  the neuromuscular tension we tend to store in our muscles and connective  tissues. In this class, we will work from head to toe to create space  and balance in your practice by increasing flexibility and mobility.  Elevate your ability to be mindful, stay present and feel gratitude  every day in this slow, introspective practice. Slow Deep Stretch is  great for beginners, athletes, and yogis who tend to gravitate to a  power flow practice.

Prenatal Yoga

We offer prenatal private sessions by appointment only. Contact us for more information!